Best of the Decade: David Fincher’s ‘The Social Network’ (2010)

“Creation myths need a devil.”

At the risk of subsequently praising nearly every film released that year (and sounding like a cheap imitation of a sommelier), it must be said that, yes, 2010 was a very good year for film.  Kicking off the decade in a major way was none other than David Fincher’s The Social Network (2010).  The film marked the first collaboration between Fincher and another titan of screen and stage, writer Aaron Sorkin, merging the former’s unique visual storytelling with the latter’s signature rapid-fire dialogue.  

The result is akin to what many of my fellow Letterboxd mates would term as a “chef’s kiss” of a film.  Along with the excellent direction and writing are the dynamic cinematography by
Jeff Cronenweth, expert editing by both Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall, and remarkable performances by the young, star-studded cast; each element of Social Network — visually, sonically, and otherwise — all perfectly coalescing into one, albeit fast-paced, cohesive unit.         

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