Marina & the Diamonds, Revisited: Sampling the ‘Froots’ of Her Ouvre

Longtime followers of mine will know how long I’ve been a fan of Marina & the Diamonds, and perhaps it’s no wonder.  Like the neon garden world of her last outing, fittingly titled Froot, Diamandis has managed to grow into her own as an artist. As a fellow fan phrased it: “You’re lucky to be on the same shelf as Marina.”  Indeed, with each album, Diamandis has tackled a myriad of complex subjects, as both social commentary and a result of pure artistic expression.  From ruminations of fame (“Hollywood”), consumerism (“Oh No!”), body image (“Girls”), and self-confidence (“I Am Not A Robot”) in 2010’s The Family Jewels; to the breaking down of female archetypes in popular culture, such as the “Primadonna” and “Homewrecker”, in 2012’s Elektra Heart; to reflections on societal ills (“Savages”), relationships (“I’m a Ruin”, “Weeds”), mortality (“Immortal”), and everything in-between on her abovementioned 2015 effort.

This trifecta of eras up to now has felt like the perfect musical reflection of each stage of life — hers, and somehow mine, as well.  With that in mind, I’m excited to hear what this next chapter will blossom into.

I’M NOT A ROBOT The Family Jewels, 2010
HOLLYWOOD The Family Jewels, 2010
PRIMADONNA Elektra Heart, 2012
LIES Elektra Heart, 2012
I’M A RUIN Froot, 2015
FORGET Froot, 2015
BLUE Froot, 2015
FROOT Froot, 2015
Handmade Heaven Love + Fear, 2019
TO BE HUMAN Love + Fear, 2019

Photo ©️ Charlotte Rutherford.